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  1. Samurai X


    nice i got it too
  2. I had some non arina fanart on the other folder but since i will be doing more non arina fanart I made a separate folder for it
  3. Samurai X


    forgot to include my devianart is Tsuyosachan.deviantart.com
  4. Samurai X

    Tsuyosa (samurai X)

    Eh a few stuff (most my stuff are on deviantart) they have signatures cause i do plan on selling these and feel it wouldnt be right to have up for free so yeah >x< gomen please dont use without permission. art: tsuyosachan.deviantart.com @tsuyosa_art
  5. Samurai X

    meroko lineart

    thank you glad you like it
  6. Samurai X

    meroko lineart

    probably red...not too sure yet
  7. Samurai X

    haine signed

    thank you just a few hours well it definitely took longer than any of my digital works so far
  8. Samurai X

    haine signed

    thank you. it was pretty fun tho i will have to say the hair took the longest to color out of everything
  9. Samurai X

    haine linework

    thanks used my own hand as reference
  10. Samurai X

    haine (preview)

    Hehe thanks I'm pretty pumped to finish it
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