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  2. It is cool you've found a heroine you can relate so much to!! I hope Arina will continue to do josei series (though I admit I miss the wide-eyed, flowery innocence of her Ribon days XD And Ribon gave us free stuff ;3; I certainly miss that. XDDD I am dating someone too but he's so nice and different from other guys; he doesn't do things that make me uncomfortable. I'm used to having guys um....throw themselves at me. @_@ it's refreshing to meet someone who doesn't take that approach. LOL
  3. Well, judging from his dialogue, yes, I honestly do believe that. Especially since he took Sayaka home so easily just because she was upset about it. I really don't think Chikage is bi. XD She is more relaxed around women and people who look like women BECAUSE she's not sexually attracted to them. Just like how when you hang out with your crush, you go all doki-doki but around your friends, you're totally chill.
  4. Okay, THREE of us did read volume 4 so............I'm just going to copypasta my response to Akari here...and....well....lol Volume 05 is also out in raw and I do have it....but I don't think I should spoil any of that. lol UNLESS YOU WANT ME TO. XD
  5. I completed one of my life goals. XDDD https://www.deviantart.com/art/Full-Moon-Wo-Sagashite-Mitsuki-Custom-Nendoroid-730470895
  6. Hope you guys like it.....if anyone even still comes here. xD *weep*
  7. Lol I'm not into crossover ships. Jelsa is the only one I like. xD
  8. I don't think it's a rip off but I DID make a list....xD *12 years old *Loves music and has a dream relating to it *Lives in a house where music is forbidden *Have deceased family who share their dreams *Literally risk their life to protect said dreams *Can see dead people *Both names start with "Mi" lol You should definitely see the movie, Access.
  9. GO TO MANDARAKE AND ANIMATE. Animate has a whole Idolish 7 section. XD
  10. DAT SUX, BWR. I really hope you get to meet her one day. She's been coming back a lot so the chance should be possible.... Take as much time as you need. We've got a while yet. That's why I posted this the second I decided to attend. PROCRASTINATION IS CHIIBI'S BEST SKILLZ.
  11. GASP! It'd be AMAZING to meet you guys! (I think I met BWR at ANext once? XD) I'm already pretty excited for this. There were maybe at least ten Arina cosplayers the last time. I'm gonna cos the Volume 2 cover of Mitsuki in the black and white lolita-ish dress and possibly Jizel (cause I already have a silver wig XD) And if that doesn't work, I've still got my Jeanne cosplay from when I was sixteen. XDDD Tumblrites who can't make it to the con are already submitting arts to me to contribute to the scrapbook which is awesome. ♥
  12. Arina Tanemura will be returning to AnimeFest in Dallas this year during August 17-20. I will be attending. Please submit your fanart and letters to me via P.M (or in this thread if you want everyone to see XD). I can translate your letters to Japanese for her. If possible, I'd love to do an Art collab with anyone who can participate for the cover of this Scrapbook. ♥ Due Date: August 1st (I can extend this a bit but this is what I'd like to shoot for. Let me know if you need more time)
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