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  1. i saw the book at a store once but i dont remember what store
  2. postman or takanari but i also like takuto and izumi. darn this is so hard
  3. me i watched full moon but i didnt know it was by arina. then my relatives asked have you heard of the mangaka arina. im said no then they intorudce her to me end of story very simple and short
  4. im only 4'8 or 4'7 or 4'6. and its not cause im short its cause im young. anyways ithink you should be madoka
  5. i.o.n is such a cute story after you finish it you have to reread it like 4 times
  6. that there is what happens when my internet dies while I'm posting it sends twice every time' because I keep on pressing send and it wouldn't send then I would of just noticed that the internet was dead at that moment. -- ANNNNDDD I was tired as hell that usually happens to me so later i have to delete some of the post or it takes up to much room in the topic
  7. if i had to choose between takanari or maora maora as a guy is hsndsome and as a girl id cute. mao would also understand a girls felling but takanari is also cool but he sorta too silent. now im not sure who'd id choose
  8. i personally like sakataki more for some reason. NUmber one reason in my opinion sakataki is hotter than hizuki
  9. i like mitsuki sometimes but when she goes all over eichi. like when shes all eichi eichi eichi this eichi that it gets annoyning
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