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  1. Anybody on discord? :) We made an ATFC room!  

  2. I don't suppose anybody has them? There were a few on Viz Media's website, but they got deleted and the waybackmachine didn't capture them in 2014. https://www.facebook.com/OfficialShojoBeat/posts/sakura-hime-mistress-fortune-gamesfor-a-limited-time-you-can-play-arina-tanemura/733614173338344/ I'm pretty sure there were also games on RIBON magazine's website, or other japanese sites. I'd love to get copies of these for histories sake. It would be sad if they got lost forever
  3. So ridiculously excited for the Frozen manga, like you don't even know Thanks for the amazing post, Akari!
  4. Seems to be just forums within clubs LOL
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  6. Testing 123

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      Really? can't hear over my miserable spotify playlist lol. Or my adblocker might have nuked the notif. That's cool!

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      Akari Kichona

      OMG is there really!!! YES that it is awesome!! NOW I can be here more often!!!


  7. I can't attend because of health T_T I can help compiling the cover and making it all pretty, though, since photoshop is my thing xD I'm more than happy to make a cover art compilation for it~ I've pointed a few people who I know will want to take part to this thread. I'll have some stuff to submit myself at some point but it takes a while for me to draw nowadays and I want it to look nice ORZ xD
  8. Heyyy! I will see what I can find and get in touch :) Edit: Messaged you. I think the event has already passed, dates say DEC 17th > JAN 5. :(
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