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  1. I don't suppose anybody has them? There were a few on Viz Media's website, but they got deleted and the waybackmachine didn't capture them in 2014. https://www.facebook.com/OfficialShojoBeat/posts/sakura-hime-mistress-fortune-gamesfor-a-limited-time-you-can-play-arina-tanemura/733614173338344/ I'm pretty sure there were also games on RIBON magazine's website, or other japanese sites. I'd love to get copies of these for histories sake. It would be sad if they got lost forever
  2. So ridiculously excited for the Frozen manga, like you don't even know Thanks for the amazing post, Akari!
  3. Seems to be just forums within clubs LOL
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  5. I can't attend because of health T_T I can help compiling the cover and making it all pretty, though, since photoshop is my thing xD I'm more than happy to make a cover art compilation for it~ I've pointed a few people who I know will want to take part to this thread. I'll have some stuff to submit myself at some point but it takes a while for me to draw nowadays and I want it to look nice ORZ xD
  6. Heyyy! I will see what I can find and get in touch :) Edit: Messaged you. I think the event has already passed, dates say DEC 17th > JAN 5. :(
  7. POSTING HERE to remind myself to update this with my thoughts... I also need to grab my live reactions that I was pasting to Otaku on skype. Did you get the new volume yet, Chiibi? (In Japanese, I mean!) I feel like Vol 4 is going to be where all of the juicy drama and dilemmas are because DAMN THE ENDING OF VOLUME 3 HAS SHAKEN THINGS UP!!!!!
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  9. *FREAKS OUT* I THINK I LIKE THIS PLOT MORE THAN AI DREAM. OMG. I am so excited for this series. I hope it makes its way to the English market eventually. Plz Viz. I would love for your translation fic, chiibi! BRING IT
  10. However, if you do track down a japanese copy, I am sure that there are translations available. I used to import japanese books and some would come with a white booklet that had the translation on. They usually specify in the item decsription if a translation is available.
  11. Any buzz on when we are getting volume 3? Viz are very hush about it :/
  12. Double post 'cos on phone: http://auction.thumbnail.image.rakuten.co.jp/@0_aucitem/image2/072/11032072/0329/img6020380885606.jpg
  13. Hahha omg Fevs we MUST!!! BRING ON THE PHOTO TRANSLATE APP!!!
  14. Omg, I got Vampire Knight vibes too (although I haven't read it). The uniforms look super cute, though. Demon police would be AMAZING.
  15. Yeah, Full Moon was adorbs, but I feel like the cuter the series is... the more twisted Arina's mind gets. AND I LOVE HER FOR THAT. The mix of cute and crying my eyes out for days is a bonus. Ai dream is super cute but I really think it has the potential for little bits of darkness. I think the love triangle may bring me a lot of crying in the future... I haven't been this emotionally invested in an Arina series in a long time but I LOVE what she is doing lately. The bonus of how amazingly pretty her style is currently, too... every time I think that Arina's drawings can't get any better they just amp it up and continue to stun me. I feel like a major theme in Ai dream so far is living in the past, and I feel as if there's going to be some serious message about how you can't afford to get trapped in the past. What if it gets to the point where if Chi takes another dose then it will literally kill her and she has to choose: Go back to the past or live on with the new knowledge and experience that I have acquired? I wonder if it's going to start making her eye sight worse than it already is, too Oh god... I hope she doesn't go blind //3 I really like Chi. Otaku is a frickin' angel and has ordered Volume 2 for me and I am freaking internally, I am so excited to get caught up. I need to know what was in those spoiler tags *________* ALSO, IF DEATH DOESN'T HAPPEN IN CHIC HACK... wat? The "hack" in the title totally reminded me of hacking up bodies, lol... I know that's probably not intentional That would be such a troll, though. Arina does a super dark looking series that is actually just fluff and difficult moral stuff and 0 death. xD
  16. I CAN'T WAIT. KAHDKAHKDSA!!!!kjasdjaljdslda!!!! ALL ABOARD THE HYPE TRAIN, CHOO CHOOOOOO!!!!!! I'm very intrigued by the characters and what personalities we're going to be dealing with in this series. Tbh, it's demons... I don't need much more than that to be hyped. DEMONS
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