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  1. yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay my fav manga ! my fav manga ! time stranger for ever XD !!!!!!!!!
  2. HELL YEA IT IS GINIRO FOR SURE !!!! who is the baka(stupid) person who wont like him ?!?!?! he's got the look and the cool personality and everything !!!!
  3. i know that u can read it online at onemanga.com thats where i read all arina's mangas and yea she looks like cardcaptor sakura when she say release :P""
  4. ok i will interduce myself i am kirari and i love arina's mangas thiiiiiis muuuuuuuuuch tee hee hee ^__^ and i am writing am nga right now called searching for the important present ( taisetsuna present wo sagashite ) and i finished the 1st chapter and i am drawing the 2nd chapter now ^___^
  5. u should all read the 2nd chapter !!! there is lots of drama and crzy things in it ! like aoba become sooo crazy and do sth sooooooo crazy and sakura's maid too !!!! u can read it at onemanga.com
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