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  1. Novels? Whatttttttttttttttttt?! Why don't I know about that? How are they? They are lovely, aren't they?
  2. What happened to this? I also found another one and other wikis for sensei's works. I found the one we started too and I've been actually editing both - making our Jeanne wiki look better and correcting all the wrong information on the other one. --- Actually the Arina one I found is indeed ours, it's just been edited a lot and looks nice. There are a lot of errors though and I'm fixing them. There are two Jeanne wikis though
  3. It's so pretty! I love it! I still find it to be a bit weird, the shape of the faces I mean, I don't know why but I always wanted it to be re-done! :
  4. WHAT?!? Why didn't I know about this?!? I've wanted something like that! Arina-sensei reads minds! They are so pretty! I love them! I love anything that's KKJ! A bit different but that's absolutely normal, styles change. Fin looks a bit weird for some reason but I still love them. Vol.4 gives another feeling to me about Maron, about her looks that is. She looks different to me, like it's not really her. It might not be a big change in Arina-sensei's style but when you see your favourite characters, you really feel it.
  5. A little correction to my previous post Chiaki Takanari-sama Maora Ushio Aoba Komaki Tachibana Kusame Senri
  6. Here's the .psd file! I made two more logos! I played with the title postition and also the outer glow settings! I asked you before if logos could be .gif, should I try making one? new-.zip
  7. I'll upload the .psd file if Access-chan wants! The second one is transparent and thank you!
  8. I made some yesterday but I got a new PS and still haven't got my brushes working!
  9. EXACTLY. Maron and Chiaki are hilariousness, luhving, awesome, have been through a heck of a lot but still are close, care so much for you each other (eg: when Maron returned back from the past Chiaki was like hugging and crying and such), super cute, get along well, have always been there for each other-even though they should've been, like, enemies, have gradually and naturally fallen for each other, are the reincarnations of Adam and Eve-first couple on Earth so many years ago and here they are in the present, and are just plain amazing. The list could go on and on, but you get the idea. Point is: MARONXCHIAKI FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! one more vote until it's even
  10. Awwwwwwwwwwwww! :luv: I'm not actually surprized with the changes... we're actually talking about Access-chan here! Sure they'll be updates! I'm just happy ATFC is still alive and growing :luv:/both in age and members!/
  11. Hey! funny we just met! :luv: anyways I updated the front page thnx to you and welcome to the club! I guess we're not really into these clubs anymore but you're still welcome and about the banner, do as you wish!
  12. well since its old /I really dislike saying that/ and we live in this part of Europe, it's hard to find it! But it's also hard to find it in USA too... I wonder why the other members haven't posted here yet... :merokohey:
  13. Hey, neighbour! :merokohey: Yup, /if you ever actually read this/ I said neighbour! You live in Romania? Really? You're probably the closest fan living to me! > but I always thought you could order it... plus it's not like you're ordering one book, you're ordering a lot of things! I think I checked out the price once and... here is what I got now for the items I quickly chose: $115.59 u could also order hte perfect edition which is one volume less but amazon has it in german... btw what exactly do you expect the price to be really? it's manga, it can't be cheap! I think that even if someone buys it for you, it'll still be expensive... I wish you luck, neighbour! >
  14. waaaaaaaaaa this is old! But I just had to vote! Maronā™„Chiaki all the way! :merokohey:
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