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  1. Oh you did not just make this club... xD Oh mah gawsh!
  2. I'd join you all if I had a computer and if I didn't have a life.. :c I miss not being busy and being able to spend hours with you guys. TToTT Sounds like this'll be epic
  3. uh uh uh dang it i feel like i know thisss!
  4. some people just read manga in the store... wich i find that kind of annoying hoenstly. >> or you could read scanlations. because fans do a better job then viz
  5. dont worry I buy viz manga too, they just fail so many things is all. >> i think its good that you can deal with their failness. i mean, i can hardly stand some of what they do. but still dont worry i think a lot of us still buy the manga they translate. XD
  6. honestly i'm mostly annoyed with what they did in vol.3 of TSK. its just... wow.... like, HOW did they switch 3 character names around for ONE page?!?!? it was really confusing reading it at first. i mean, first he's wind stranger Fuma(wrong), THEN Kyoko calls him Toba. -__- cant viz go without screwing up for 1 series? is that SO MUCH TO ASK FOR?
  7. yes, i'm quite happy with the plans. actually, since i plan to do it for the new pokemon (do you guys know about Black and White versions yet? 8D) i dont know if i will be able to find pokemon that completly fit the characters, but i'll try XD
  8. hey neither did i, but i managed to survive somehow XD you know your obsessed when you make plans to name your pokemon after Full Moon characters!
  9. thats pretty much all i did when the power was out for a week XD
  10. you know your obsessed when you spend a week without power reading the same Full Moon volumes over and over XD
  11. since my sister doesint touch any manga, DS, controller, DS game case etc without washing her hands first, i dont have to much to worry about. i want her to know of arina's awesome manga!!! ...even though her hands sweat big time. -.-
  12. yeah at FIRST when i JUST STARTED Arina's works, i had just a BIT of trouble telling some apart but... WITHIN 2 OR 3 DAYS I COULD TELL THEM APART PERFECTLY. but UGH my sister still cant... -.- *needs to make her read more of them*
  13. i join. XD btw, go ahead and count Rio in too. i know that she would join. |D
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