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  1. i think ill join skype just for this.
  2. i think chibi mitsuki is correct im not sure but i think it is sakataki
  3. syun-chan you got it right its kisaki!!! was it to easy
  4. yay i got it right! okay here's the quote: i've also loved you since the time we met if u need hint tell me
  5. i cant remeber this i heard it but cant recall it is it maron
  6. i chose finn . she is cute and the way she kept her promise. SPOILER FOR THOSE WHO DID NO FINISH KKJ i cried when access held her in his arm and then she died . i wanna know more about when finn and access are natsuki and .....( i forgot_
  7. i wished that mitsuki didnt always talk about eichi!!!!!!!!
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