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  1. i love gentlemen'd alliance but full moon will always have a place in my heart becasue it was the first mang i've ever read
  2. well thats how some people get their ideas is to "borrow" from someone else
  3. yes in a way she did drag it out but i love the way it is going
  4. i just love takanari and haine. he is rude at the begining but warms up to her and i love stories like that.
  5. i kinda wish that it would print in america though *siiiiiiiiiiiiiiggggggggggggggghhhhhh* long heavy sigh
  6. has anyone read teh new kamikaze kaitou jeanne perfect edition because i haven't and if you did i would love to hear what happens cause i don't think that it's going to come out in america *sob*
  7. i personally like the ladt chapter of the 7th book cause it just has such a sweet ending
  8. yeah being her would be nice but personaly i would be Finn
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