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  1. Uhm........I suppose so, one on Boxing Day and one on the 2nd of January, after New Year xD I'm just thinking of how to like, get everyone online at the same time...
  2. I think that's a fine time, Scheris, try to be at it for as long as you can. xD And have fun at your thing that you're going to xD
  3. (Sorry for the double post) Well it will probably start at abouttttt 19:30 my time because most people here are from America, no? So it will be afternoon for you guys while it's a reasonable time for people like me and Scheris And cause most people from the UK have a talent of being nocturnal. xD
  4. YAY Tell her the idea was by a 13 year old girl. Prove it by showing her my facebook or something? But YAY SHE'S LETTING YOU COME TO THE PARTY. YESSSSS
  5. D8 We should hold a contest on ATFC to keep everyone included somehow!~ This party sounds badass even though I came up with the idea HERP DERP
  6. OFFICIAL TIME 6.30 PM GMT, BOXING DAY/26TH/RIO'S BDAY. 1.30PM NEW YORK TIME Other Times: http://www.thetimezoneconverter.com/?t=17:30&tz=London ^-- Type your timezone in the box underneath the time and select your timezone. SO GUYS. I HAVE THIS SEXY IDEA TO HOLD AN ATFC CHRISTMAS PARTY. It'll be on Christmas eve, or the eve of Christmas eve XD It will be on Skype, so PM me on here or add my skype username, leanneg12 You can bring your friends along, it wouldn't be fair if it was ATFC only xD Here is a list of games we could play in the call, Suggest somemore if you wish Taboo, Suggested by Scheris Scheris also suggested this piece of sexyness, too. XD Karaoke, Also suggested by Scheris. Drawing contests, suggested by me (Fai xD) Guess Who I Am, suggested by me again, Scheris or Myself will privately tell you a character from an Arina-Manga and you have to give small clues to who you are, and the person that wins takes the other person's place. Draw Off, you'll need an account on Iscribble.net to play this. Themed Roleplays. Number Ladder. Where we all have to count to 50 BUT, you can only say one number at once, and if someone says a number at the same time as you, we go back to the start. E.G Person 1: 1 Person 2: 2 Person 3:3 Person 4:3 -All go back to the start- Learn and Sing C-ute's new single song, Aitai Lonely Christmas -Syun A banner/button/avatar/graphic making contest for xmas related stuff! (For the on-site thing so people aren't left out) -Syun And there could be banners for our sig as prizes!! (maybe like the award banners, but for the game, not as "awards") -Syun You'll need a Skype to join and an iscribble account for the draw offs. I hope you can join us, The probable date of the party will be the 23rd of December.
  7. well, as BWR said it IS hard to get manga in england, same in scotland! if I read a manga online, I can't promise to buy it, because I rarely get the chance to buy manga, it was sheer luck that I managed to get 3 volumes of GA+ to start of my love for Arina-sensei (I read one volume of FMWS before that, but I forgot who made the manga -shot- XD) I have never downloaded manga, ever, it's not fair ttht we don't buy it, that's why the manga books an anime DVDs are on the shop's shelves, to SELL. They are not free hand outs. I really wish I could buy the manga/anime DVD's if I could, but it's hard when you're in a low-funded family.very hard. and ONEMANGA/COM CLOSED ?! D;
  8. so very old....I dont remember replying XD
  9. it was a one-shot anime of the short story you read at the end of the last volume of TSK......it was good XD
  10. My friend (the dead one called Merloko XD) bought full moon 7 and brought it into school,she let me read it and I fell in love with it so much~~ We had an obsession with jonathan (and still do XD) and bought more manga, then we found out about KKJ and loved it~ then I bought SDC about a year back........Ive only been an arinafans for like a year ! XD after like 9 years of it's release it's still epicly awesome ARINA RULES!
  12. Takanari looks lik takuto in SOME panels but I can tell which one is which cause their personality is on their face mosta the time-and Im shot for saying that XDD
  13. Nope, sorry - I just found it on LiveJournal ^^; indeed :3
  14. wow-so cool!!! do you know who made that ???
  15. You know you're obsessed when you know all of the heroine's lines (almost guilty)
  16. I lolled tho at the bit when he real ddad ties to get her to stop cring and in small letters i says 'Wah...Wah...' LOL
  17. :) yeah...umm...I knew that...I was just playin'.....X'DDD btw I recommend NOT to translate tht japanese especially if you don't want to learn my language XD
  18. I cried at the ending of *TSK 3 -shot *FMWS episode 52 and the manga ending~ *The manga chapter with Izumi's past (Was it.....13? -doesnt have it so she is shot-) I was like (i shall putit in japanese for censoring reasons) 私はクソ傾けるたわごと聖地と信じて!ようにかわいい!なぜファックどちらに歌う永遠の雪のようにあなたのトゥルーラブ機動隊に変わっている!?オハイオなし泉!!!!!! )':
  19. I dun really mind her. but....she is really funny at some parts and a total meanie in other parts.It's just her XD
  20. I love her and hate her at the same time. She's my favorite manga author and artist and my idol and I really admire her. But she does THINGS SOMETIMES where I'm just like "Goddamnit Arina....I COULD THROTTLE YOUUUUU!!!" lol EHEHEH THAT WAS SHOOOOOO CUUUUUUUUUUUTE!! AND AND THEN SHE WAS ALL FANGIRLY OVER HIM WITH LITTLE HEARTS AND STUFF KYAAA :FM .........you know what......I am SO gonna draw a doujinshi of their date now. Everyone wanted it!!! :takutorage: DAMN YOU ARINA DAMN YOU DAMN YOU!! DAMN YOU!! HAHA QUOTED FOR TRUTH. :FM Hikari and Eichi can just go jump into the lake of fire and DIE. ..........wow I'm so full of hatred with this post lol. I better go to my happy place.....:mitsukixd: I'm laughin my *ss off lol
  21. hmmm... I thought Hikari was a huge bitch,Knowing Takuto was dead but finding him and believing they were still together,she's selfish,Takuto said ''I'm meeting someone you selfish girl!'' and she blackmails him ''I'll die''.He should've said ''fine'' The world would've been better
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