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  1. I don't think they are at all similar, just because the concept of "kaitou" is used in both doesn't make them alike. After all, it's not that any of the authors invented it, it's the same thing as the theme of the sakura petals being used almost in every anime. That does not mean they are copied after one another. Actually, I liked D.N.Angel more especially because of this similarity (I watched KKJ before watching D.N.Angel).
  2. Watching it made me cry again, as if I was watching the ending for the first time. Really good job, everyone, I enjoyed every second of it. And the english lyrics for Love Chronicle are great. Congrats!
  3. I've noticed some messed-up details in almost every english-translated manga I've bought and read (and I have manga from Tokyopop, Viz and CMX). The lines also lack substance sometimes. I guess it's because those who translate are just paid to do so and most of the time don't make the effort to feel what they are translating. Fans do a much better job at it. I also hate how they put newspaper headlines (or whatever they are) around pictures. They have absolutely no connection to the content or the pictures and some of them are about accidents and stuff. Really annoying. But I try not to pay so much attention, it's not healthy to get angry and it's not productive either.
  4. I hope I haven't forgotten anyone (if I did, you're free to shoot me). I also added Ginga x Witzig (although it's weird, they seem kinda like a couple to me, although there's nothing specific about it). So, about my option. I like many couples, but I choose Kyoko x Sakataki because I like their relationship and the strength of their feelings. It's simply the power of true love :) . I also liked Karen and Mitsuru-san, not as in I wanted them together, but because it was an interesting turn of events. And it may sound odd, but I liked Witzig x Ginga too, I felt something really special there, not necessarily love, but companionship.
  5. I've just finished it as well. I've had the manga in digital format for almost two years, but never got around to read it, basically because I was reading other things or I was busy with school (I so hate senior year, all this studying keeps me away from my precious manga XD ). But I bought the first two volumes and read the third on the computer (I wasn't able to buy them all three together and now I don't have the money for the third one, but I'll definitely get it someday soon). So... Having already read Arina's latest works, I couldn't not notice that the style and development of the story were a bit... let's say unstable. I don't mean that it was bad (Heaven forbid, I loved it :yay: ), just that everything happened too quick. You didn't have time to digest one thing that on the next page eveything turned around 180 degrees. I loved it like this most of the time, but I think some moments should have been a little more developed (yeah, I know there's a page limit and all and I shouldn't question the view of the author, but that's how I feel about it). It had a rather childish tone, but that's one of the things that I love about Arina-sensei's works: they make you feel both childish and mature at the same time. I adore Kyoko, she makes a good heroine. I love how she can turn from a spoiled, firghtened littler girl to a determined stranger (it makes a great contrast that I can't help but like). That's why my favourite scene is when Highlight to View Spoiler Witzig jokingly says that he will only tell her where the black market auction takes place if she gives him a kiss and she takes it seriously. His expression was priceless. Sakataki is as charming, brave and wonderful as every other Arina Tanemura male protagonist (but he doesn't beat Takuto and Takanari who are still my favourites). He and Kyoko are so sweet together :) . About Huzuki... Bad Hizuki *poke poke*! Highlight to View Spoiler What he did was bad and wanting to die was even worse. Every coward can die, only a true hero has the power to accept what he has done and atone for it. Hope he's happy with Ui, she was so cute when she demanded to be engagd to him . So, all in all it's a very sweet story and I loved it. The ending was just perfect, Kyoko's words really touched me because I felt the same way once.
  6. Aww, they are all so sweet. I like the Takuto and Meroko plushies a lot >.
  7. I love it, it's great! Mind if I add it to the YouTube Channel?
  8. Oh, it's such a cute tribute! Thanks for showing. You should show us yours too, if you have any.
  9. Here it is, uploaded to our chanel: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=TJzEu6y0GvY
  10. the MMV forum was my answer to this Feedback. Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't look at the date. :mitsukioh: Well, I uploaded it to the chanel, here it is: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=eK6gDrYh0HQ
  11. If VIZ doesn't release this (whenever it comes out XD ) I'll throw a jealousy fit. I want it too T__T It must be great.
  12. I was like :takutosigh: all the time while reading the chapter. I even started crying when Haine jumped into the lake to take Shizumasa's stone and also found Takanari's. Like all of Arina's heroines, she's so kind and warms the hearts of the others with her kindness. Even Touya's. He was just confused, he just wanted the best for the twins. But he was wrong. If Haine were to die, neither of the twins would be happy. If she lives, irrespective of which twin she chooses, I'm sure the other would be happy for her and will respect her decision. But I sure hope she picks Taka XD . And she won't die. I'm sure she won't.
  13. Until Access creates the section, I'll just move the topic to MMV. There are only two topics there, so I guess it's alright. Also, if you don't mind, I'll add the video to the YouTube Channel. :takutosigh:
  14. Oh, this is so nice. I love the colour effects, they're great. If I may have your permission, I'll add it to the You Tube Channel :)
  15. This is a very good AMV. The song (which I adore :) ) goes along very well. I'll put it on the YouTube Channel if you don't mind
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