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  1. Chiibi


    First, my apologies for being so late about this. Stuff was going on. So.........Arina. Omg OMGGGGGG SHE'S A REAL PERSON. Well, I mean.....XD It STILL feels so surreal. It's taking forever to organize my thoughts because of this! I guess let's start from the very beginning ♪ PART ONE: PAP. Pain-in-the-Ass-Preparation You guys may or may not find this excruciatingly detailed part one boring. I will try to make it fun. See, I feel I can't leave this stuff out. It was a BIG part of the experience. I want you all to understand just....how.....STRESSFUL this whole ordeal was for me. XD; And how much I busted my ass to make my idol happy because THIS IS HOW MUCH I LOVE HER WORKS. I had originally planned to update my doujinshi and fanartz and write a long-ass fan letter and make presents and put them all into a big ol' binder, ready to give to her. By Aug 18. YEAH. THAT HAPPENED. However, contrary to my worst fear, I didn't completely blow it. I got started on the FMWS cast figures early enough and managed to finish them about a day beforehand....(yes, I know you want to see them. I will post pictures in part 3) And then of course, Murphy's F*cking Law kicked in like it ALWAYS DOES WHEN I'M IN THE MIDDLE OF DOING SOMETHING PRECIOUSLY IMPORTANT. And I was like "F*ck......the figures aren't gonna fit in the 10th anniversary box!! FML" (The 10th anniversary box is basically the current banner I made....in 3D wooden box form. lined with black felt, lace, and a little ribbon :'D You're probably thinking it was amazing I had completed THAT on time but the truth is, I was gonna sell it at the Art Auction at AnimeNext 2012. Ha...... There WAS no Art Auction at AnimeNext2012! I was mad but when I found out TANEMURA-F*CKING-ARINA-SENSEI was coming back to the USA, I said "F*ck the fans-ARINA'S GETTING THIS BOX." xD (No offense to you, dear fans. :'D) *shot* Um........anyway, I needed a new container for the figures. BECAUSE I LIVE IN GLORIOUS EAST KABUMF*CK NORTH HUNTINGDON PA, IT'S SO EASY TO FIND A NICE ART DISPLAY BOX WITHIN FIVE MILES. HAHA NOT. I tried to make a nice box out of plastic pieces → FAIL. I tried to find something at work → FAIL. I tried Wal-mart → FAIL. I tried the hobby shop-oops it's closed at this hour → FAIL. Oh, but that wasn't the ONLY dilemma. I had already long decided I was going to be Jeanne the first day of the con. Yeah, too bad I couldn't find those damn gold bracelets she wears that I had made when I was 16. On top of all this crisis shit, I *did not have my fanart or doujinshi printed out NOR organized in the binder *did not have my fan letter done *did not have several OTHER fanletters translated *was not packed *didn't have cosplay details done *had a four hour work shift that day which gave me about a total of SIX hours to get all this shit ready lest I decided to screw the idea of sleeping at all that night. (A picture's really worth a thousand words, isn't it?) At this point, I had to *GASP* think rationally. I had to pick what was most important. FFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUU EVERYTHING WAS SO IMPORTANT. So I had to pick what could absolutely NOT be delayed any further. I chose translating, packing, and printing. Cosplay and organizing could be done in the hotel room, after all. In the end, I still didn't have my art box for the figures. I called my friend. I said, "We have to stop at a craft store tomorrow before the airport. NO NEGOTIATIONS." He basically said, "I'm going to kill you but okay." With the materials and box crisis solved, I got to bed at.....oh.....FOUR-F*CKING-THIRTY, I BELIEVE. My dad who fell asleep on the couch (like always) came downstairs at four-fifteen and said, "You're still awake?" He didn't sound angry or upset. It was a tone of complete awe. 'YES!" I snapped. I chose to wake up at 7:30 instead of my normal 8:00 when I usually work 9:00 a.m. mornings. Which means I got three hours of sleep. But I had to, in order to get more of my fanart printed. It still wasn't completely printed before I left. Chibi mitsuki's fanart hadn't been sent to me yet either. And I still hadn't finished my fan letter. Right now, I was like: PAP: TO BE CONTINUED LULZ (If you are thinking, "Yeah, I don't care about your stress crap, GET TO THE PART ABOUT SENSEI ALREADY, CHIIBI, please kindly check back on Monday. kthnx)
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