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Overview of New Features

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With the migration to IP.Board 3.1.4 you may not be familiar with all of the new features in the system, in this post I will be doing an overview of the major new features available on the board for your perusal. If you need any assistance at all with the new features feel free to send a message to a member of staff for assistance and we will gladly help you with what you need.


--Stay Tuned--




This is an integrated gallery software attached to the board, you can use this to upload art, wallpapers you make, avatars you make and would like to share, photographs. People can then comment on the photos and other things, this will make threads such as Art Thread no longer needed as this software can handle such things much better. You can also have multiple albums to make organization easy.


In order to create your albums you will go to the gallery tab then hit the button labeled "upload" in there hit "New Album" (Select album will be later when you have albums created) then fill out the form that'll pop out. for "Parent Album" you will select "Member Albums". There may be some more specific parent albums coming soon if there is a need for them.

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User Profiles



There is now a status system on your user profile. With this you can post a status like you would on Facebook and people can comment on it as well.



Friend system

There is also a new friend system, if you are on someone's user profile you have the option of adding them as a friend. If you add a user as a friend you have the option of receiving notifications about some of their activities if you choose to by editing the Notification Options under your settings. There are various settings in which you can set, checking the e-mail box will have an e-mail sent to you when the event occurs. Personal Conversation sends you a private message, and inline notification sends you a simple notification that will appear on a list of notifications that can be found on a dropdown next to your username in the top right of the forum header.


Profile Customization

You can also customize your profile with custom background images and background colours, these settings can be found in your settings under the profile tab, here's a link: Click here



There are also a couple of way to interact with other members through their profile. You can leave comments on their statuses, or just leave a comment on them. You can also rate them as a user from 1 to 5 stars.


Last 5 visitors

On your profile you can also see who the last 5 people to visit it were as well as see how many all time views you have.




New to the board is also a reputation feature. On each post in the bottom right of it there will be a green plus and a red minus. These will apply to the user's reputation which can be viewed on their profile and on the member list. Positive votes would be used for good, informative, funny, etcetera posts while the the negative (red minus) would be used if someone is just being mean or argumentative on purpose for no good reason.


To prevent abuse of the negatives there is only a small number you can give out per day so use them wisely. There is also a limit on the positive for members, but it's much higer and you shouldn't hit it, just don't be greening every single post on the board, but please, if you think a post is good and contributes to the discussion, give it a green.


After you have voted on a post it will change into a number on either a red or green background reflecting the actual net score of the post.


Display Name


With the new software you can now have a separate display name and login name. Right now any migrated accounts have both set to be the same. A Display Name is the name that other uses see you as and they wouldn't see your login name. Your login name is the name you use when logging in. The effect this can have is added security for your account as the login name would, like your password be able to be kept secret.


You can now change your Display Name at will whenever you like (limit 1 per day, please don't abuse). However login names still need to be admin edited. If you would like to have a different display and login name, but want your display name to be what you have now, please send a Private Message to an admin to have them change your login name. To change your Display name, the options are here: http://arinafans.com/index.php?app=core&module=usercp&tab=core&area=displayname


Again, this is extra security for your account, it is recommended that you have the two names be different.

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