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ATFC 2015 Contest: Winner!

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Thank you to all whom entered the ATFC 2015 contest!!

Everyone that entered submitted beautiful art and letters, and you will all be given a special banner during the 2015 ATFC End of year Awards for your participation in this contest! :) It was really difficult to choose a winner as you all were fantastic, so apologies for taking forever to announce the winner.

TO THE WINNER: Please send me a PM with your address so that I can send your prizes to you!


The Prizes:


1x Ai Dream clear plastic binder/file

Arina Tanemura: Love Story Collection

1x Neko to Watashi no Kinyoubi (reprint/replica) autograph illustration card







When i first came across fullmoon i didn't expect how much of an impact that would have had on me throughout the next few years and to the present day, it started with my sister telling me about a series she watched in her childhood that interested me, but with her not remembering the full name, i went and put my trust in wikipedia and Yahoo Answers to find it, and within an hour, I did it, I made it-
Into the weeabo phase of my life I went.
After a month or so I found ATFC, I never registered at first, I just liked to check whether there was new news about Arina on the homepage, but later thought, since I checked out the site often, I might as well register, but I didn't realise til a few weeks later the friendly community within it, not until I saw a post by the wonderful Otaku on tumblr about arina. I messaged her, really glad I found another fan, whom replied to me and asked me about ATFC, so when I logged in again, I found welcome messages I didnt expect to see, and even more fans to be excited about arina over. I think I came to find that posting was fun, because I became addicted to the forum, and later made friends, one of the things i'm most grateful towards arina and ATFC for.
Arina's works gave me a lot of happiness throughout the years, I think back and I can't even begin to wonder how life could be like if i never bothered to look up this series, or register to ATFC, and I guess I'd rather not think about it either, because i'm happy things turned out the way it did. I met friends I don't think i'd be no way near as happy without, a place I felt comfortable in, and plenty of times felt more comfortable than with my own biological family.
Arina's work is important to me, the way I can relate to each character to my personal life, as well as staying entertaining and heart warming. And sharing that happiness and importance with the community is also something that ties us together.
Her stories gave me laughter, tears and happiness, and not just within reading the manga itself, but also through everyone I met through her :'D
In other words, ATFC has consumed me and i regret it 0%




I met you a year ago as of April 4th, 2014. I shook your hand and took a photo with you. I tried to tell you how much you meant to me, but I couldn’t quite express it at that moment. I’ve never been adept when speaking, but I communicate better through writing.

Your manga saved my life. If it wasn’t for Full Moon, I would not be here writing this.

I discovered manga when browsing through a warehouse of books. It was the summer before middle school began; I was 11 years old. I was trying to find something to purchase, and I found Ultra Maniac. I was confused; I didn’t understand why the book was facing the opposite direction. But the art was pretty. Assuming it was a misprint, I purchased it anyways. My first reading was difficult— I opened it from the cover, and couldn’t figure out how to read it. I flipped through the book, and finally found what I was doing “wrong.” I caught on how to read it quickly. After completing it, I looked through the advertisements, and I saw an ad for Full Moon. The art style pulled me in— something about the hypnotic eyes you drew astounded me.

I read a preview of it on the publisher’s website. It sounded interesting enough, so I requested it for my birthday. Sure enough, I had the first two volumes in my hands.

The following year, I lost two people who meant the world to me. My grandmother died first. Her death shocked me and my family. No one expected her to die. She bowled every weekend and cared for my grandpa. We all assumed my grandpa would die first. He drank too much and had diabetes. He relied on my grandmother for everything. I don’t think grandpa had ever cooked a meal in his life.

I remember standing beside my grandpa during the whole funeral. Grandpa lost his mother earlier, and now my grandmother. He was—and is still— a very stubborn man. I don’t think I saw him shed a tear at his mother’s funeral, but at my grandma’s, he cried a lot. He wasn’t himself for quite some time.

Grandma was important to me, too. We wanted to go on an Alaskan Cruise together. We always talked about dogs. Pugs were her favorite breed. I don’t think I loved pugs then the way I do now. I wonder if I "took on” pugs as my favorite breed because she loved them so much.

School became a nightmare. Almost everyday began with an anxiety attack and many tears. My peers didn’t know how to react, so they didn’t react. They ignored me. Luckily I had the support of two friends—one of whom I am still in touch with to this day.

My grandpa— my mom’s dad— was also dying. The same summer I discovered the existence of manga was also around the time my grandpa had been diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis. His lungs would slowly harden until he couldn’t breathe. Essentially, he died from suffocation. It was a slow painful process. Grandpa had to rely on an oxygen tank as time went on.

Grandpa went to a hospice. My mom told me grandpa was ready to die. He was tired of suffering.

We drove up to my mother’s hometown. My grandpa died during that visit. I wasn’t there— my mom didn’t let me or any of my siblings say goodbye. I don’t think she wanted us to blame ourselves for anything.

Nevertheless, I missed my grandparents. Everything in my life seemed horrible. No one wanted to be around me (with the exception of my friends and a couple teachers). I just wanted to be with my grandparents again. I wanted to die.

Full Moon helped me get through these feelings. Mitsuki became my best friend in a sense. We were both 12-year-old girls who wanted to die to see our loved ones. But when the Shinigamiiz recalled their past and how much they suffered and regretted killing themselves, I stepped back from those thoughts.

Takuto’s words echo in my head from time to time: “We need to stop her because we are Shinigami.” They didn’t want Mitsuki to make the same mistake they did and suffer the consequences.

The Shinigami—your wonderful characters—stopped me from making that mistake, too.

I found your other series, which also inspired me to continue on living. I didn’t know many people who knew about your manga, so I joined the Arina Tanemura FanClub forum in 2008. Through ATFC, I made so many amazing friends. We talked about your series, but we also were there for each other when things went wrong, or were just plain silly when things were going well. I had a larger group of friends than I initially realized.

The first two people ahead of me in line were part of that friend group. You brought me closer to these wonderful people than I had ever thought possible.

Thank you for helping me learn to live, and realize I was never alone.



Akari Kichona


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OMG OMG!!!! THANK SO MUCH FOR EVERYTHING!!! THis is the first time I've won anything in my life this is like the biggest shock to me ever!!! Thank you so thank so much!! I am so happy that I don't think any words can express how I feel. Thank you so much!!!

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OMG OMG!!!! THANK SO MUCH FOR EVERYTHING!!! THis is the first time I've won anything in my life this is like the biggest shock to me ever!!! Thank you so thank so much!! I am so happy that I don't think any words can express how I feel. Thank you so much!!!


Congrats on the win! :D

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