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Otaku Ookami

Halloween Creative Fun 2016

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Like the dead on Halloween night, I rise out of the grave to incite terror. A most fun thing to do, actually.




And speaking of other fun things to do, I have a simple event! Starting October 25, ATFC will have a daily Halloween art/writing-themed prompt week! So, how do you get involved?



On each day, you can either create an artwork or a story involving the prompt-- or both if you'd like! It can be centered around Arina Tanemura's works-- but it can also be a completely original work with your own characters.


If you miss a day, don't worry! Just move on to the next one. And late entries are always accepted here.


The prompts and dates are in the spoiler tag below.




25: Devil

Is someone playing devilish pranks? Or is there an actual demon? Or Satan himself? Exorcism for hire? I'll let you decide.


26: Moon

Is that a harvest moon? A full moon? Crescent? Or is it Fullmoon's concert night? The possibilities are endless-- just be sure to mention that giant rock in the sky.


27: Pumpkin

It could be a pet name ("awww, my little pumpkin!"), or a full-on pumpkin carving night! Are characters fighting over design ideas? Making it a competition? Does one character hate cleaning out the pumpkin but love carving (or vice versa)?


28: Angel

As we all know from KKJ, there are several different types of angels: dark, semi/half, full, archangel, fallen. Or is it an angelic costume? (Worn by someone who's not an angel?)


29: Grave

For the last time, who thought it was a good idea to spend a night in a graveyard? It could lead to a grave situation. Alternatively, characters could simply be visiting the grave of someone they lost and miss.


30: Witch

Wicked witch or a good witch? Convince the world that Jeanne d'Arc was actually a witch. Or perhaps someone's costume is rather... bewitching.


31: Costume Party

If you're going down the fanfic/fan art route, what costumes are characters wearing? Should you feel brave, make it a crossover with multiple series! Or pull together an edit of a costume you're going to dress up in or one you'd like to do one day-- maybe even more than one!





And last but not least: A shout out to Akari Kichona for asking for a Halloween event and coming up with the final prompt list!

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A young servant of the devil has come out and it's Rurijo!! Lol this year Rurijo decides to prank Hayate and Master Enju.. I wonder who will fall for her cuteness this year or should I say scariness. Lol


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